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Palo Santo


1 x Palo Santo (Holy Wood) – 30g


Palo Santo grows on the coast of South America, in Peru and Ecuador. It is closely related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. In Spanish, Palo Santo translates as ‘Holy’ or ‘Sacred Wood’. It has been used for hundreds of years for it’s cleansing, spiritual, healing and medicinal properties. it is used in shamanic rituals to relieve negative or stuck energy and to raise frequency and uplift space.

The mystical and sacred properties are created through an alchemical process which begins as soon as the tree or branch dies only by natural causes. It often takes 4-10 years for the complete metamorphosis which produces its aromatic and fragrant scent.

Directions for use:

Palo Santo wood is traditionally used as incense. One end of the wood is lit and allowed to burn to develop a flame. Once wafted out, the wood will smoke as it gently burns down. Repeat as needed.


A tree lives for approximately 80 years and the wood is only used once the tree has been dead for 4-10 years. Our suppliers work with the local and tribal people to ensure the wood is sustainably harvested from fallen limbs or trees that have died naturally and been left for the time needed for its special properties to develop. This Palo Santo was sustainably harvested from a tree that died naturally and a new tree was planted in its place.


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