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Californian White Sage – Smudge Stick


1 x Californian White Sage Smudge Stick


Californian White Sage – Smudge Stick, also known as Salvia Apiana, comes from the coastal mountains of California. It is an evergreen perennial native to the Southwestern United States. This Sacred herb has been used for centuries by Native American tribes in rituals of cleansing, healing and removing negative energies.

Directions for use:

Hold the end of the Californian White Sage – Smudge Stick at a 45-degree angle over a flame. Once the end is lit, let the Sage burn visibly for approximately 20 seconds. Waft out the flame and allow it to smolder. Repeat as needed. If the Sage is difficult to light, untie the string and unravel it a little bit. Occasionally, the sage bundle can be too tight and needs a little more oxygen to ignite the flame.


Our Californian White Sage has been ethically and sustainably sourced from the Juniper Ridge collective. Everything they make comes from the mountains or the deserts of western USA with preservation of wilderness in mind. All of their aromatics and herbs come from the wild and are always sustainably and responsibly harvested. Plants are not killed for harvest, they prune the larger shrubs and trees and often revisit the same plants in subsequent years. The sages is trimmed at the clusters near the green stem, above the woody section. Harvesting this way means new clusters will appear the following year.


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