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This CBD Massage Oil infused with peppermint has got me feeling lovely today. I tend to get stiff joints now and then and these little pots of MAGIC have helped me a great deal! They also work significantly for migraines and headaches when rubbed directly on to the temple!
Welcome to Blackthorn Organics!
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Natural from the Earth
All of our ingredients are derived from Mother Earth. We do our utmost to select the finest ingredients, from independent farmers which contain all of the goodness ready to be consumed, as nature intended.
Best Quality
We use premium ethically sourced ingredients. Our manufacturing processes use minimum heat to lock in all the goodness to ensure active ingredients are not denatured. All of our capsules and bottles are vegan.
Real Ingredients
We use earth’s most natural, plant-based ingredients, free from all preservatives and GMO. It is imperative to us that our products are free from pesticides, bulking agents, fillers and synthetic ingredients.
With Love
All of our products are made with the love of humanity in mind. We create each product with the intention to encourage and strengthen the relationship between nature and the modern person.